About Us


Anil G Bhansali is a veteran entrepreneur with a vast experience. A mechanical engineer and a Jamnalal Bajaj alumnus, he worked with various companies such as Garware Group, Waters Associates Inc., Piramal Group, Reliance Industries and then established his private venture - Emerald Industries (the mining and civil work wing) and Sai Phytoceuticals (the phyto wing). 

His love for herbs and phytoceuticals was his passion, and he dabbled with a variety of plant-based products categorised into anti-cancer APIs, Herbal Extracts and many other Phyto products. He also formulated Sailin-HbS, a prophylactic management medicine for Sickle Cell Anaemia. He is a pioneer in bringing various molecules to India.

In his career spanning many decades, he was mystified by this little leaf so commonly found in the little lanes of our country - cannabis sativa/hemp. 

 And so he put it under the microscope, carried out research and scores of tests and then made this formulation he called Cannveda. 

Anil likes listening to old songs, spending time with his grandchildren and astrophysics. 

Satyajeet Singh has a finance background and has worked with Wells Fargo and Oracle previously and his passion for trekking and the Himalayas made him part of a venture called My Himalayan Adventure. He then joined Sai Phytoceuticals as Executive Director. 

Currently, he is responsible for Business Development with a special focus on Strategic Marketing and Initiatives (India and overseas) for Cannveda and other brands like Sailin HbS and phyto APIs in his capacity as Executive Director at Sai Phytoceuticals. He has been with Cannveda since its inception. He brings a fresh, young and relevant presence to the company.  

 His story is also a personal one, and CBD is close to his heart because he worked furiously to use it to save a loved one from cancer. Through that tumultuous journey, he was convinced that this was a product which was a balm to the soul - for the people who have grievous ailments and those surrounding them. His belief in it increased manifold and he worked tirelessly to bring it to the forefront. 

Satyajeet is a mountaineer and a sports enthusiast.
Cannveda is a labour of love. 

See for yourself. 


Integrity, Quality, Consistency. 

This is the beginning. 

The beginning of good health and holistic wellness - which can be chosen. 

Cannveda believes in promoting this choice. 

We believe in the healing powers of nature and Ayurveda - the long forgotten secrets of healing which have been overtaken by modern medicine. We now aim to create a product which is wholesome and pure and one which works - does not merely claim to.

Our mission is to help as many people who suffer from anxiety and pain - especially those suffering from critical diseases such as cancer, arthritis, MS and others. Even for the common man and woman grappling with daily life and its tremors, Cannveda brings relief from stress, promotes better sleep and pain management. 

We envision that while we cannot cure many diseases that people suffer from, we can at least help them deal with it with a smile on their face, and most of all - peace. Cannveda is the solution for just that. That is our vision for the future of wellness. 

The focus is on You.

Your health.

Cannveda is ethically, legally and proudly made in India

Sai Phytoceuticals Pvt Ltd.

Sai Phytoceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified company, established in 2002 and promoted by people experienced in the R & D, manufacturing and marketing for over 15 years. The complete facility is constructed in compliance with GMP regulations. The team members have considerable experience from their earlier stints in established natural products and pharmacy companies of India.

The core business of the company is focused on R&D, manufacturing and marketing (India and overseas) of variety of plant-based products categorised broadly as:  

CBD oils and lotionsAnti-cancer productsPhytoceuticals Herbal Extracts Custom synthesised intermediates & API's Sailin-HbSTM – Medicine for Sickle Cell Anaemia

Sai has its Head Office at New Delhi and a fully functional plant in Malanpur, Madhya Pradesh. The company also undertakes development of molecules as per customer’s requirements exclusively on confidential and buy-back agreement.